Apache Server

What, you might ask, is an “Apache Server”? It’s sort of a joke – one of the original web servers, written back in the olden days of web development was pretty good but had to be constantly upgraded (patched) to keep up with the development of the Internet. It was upgraded so often it became known as “that patchy server” And that name – Apache Server – stuck when some guys got together to guide the server into a well developed and well supported tool by forming the Apache Software Foundation.

This whole ‘Apache Server’ section poses a dilemma for me. It’s already written and posted on the BenneyDavis.com blog. Not wanting duplicate content on two of my sites, that leaves me a couple – or three – (poor) options.

First, I could leave it as is and post a link here to the content on the other site. That would be unwieldy but workable. Also fast. And simple.

Second, I could move all of it over to here, where I want it, but that would necessitate placing 303 re-directs on the other site to tell all the search engines where it went. And I’m not familiar with how to do that. It’s something I could learn, for sure, but it sounds awkward.

Finally, I could re-write all the content there and post the new and hopefully better written results here.

That sound like the best option: place a link here, temporarily, and work on rewriting everything. So. Here’s the temporary link:

Link to Apache

That gets me out of an immediate bind, but there’s no telling how long it’d going to take me to rewrite those articles.