A little progress to report:  we’ve got the Web Development section built out a little – two pages in the HTML-CSS section and two in the WordPress section.  Still more to do in this whole section, but . . .  little by little, I suppose.

I should mention that the Benney and Linda of each have their own website: and, and those websites both compliment this website and detract from it.  In Web Development, for instance, articles about WordPress will probably see the first light of day on and at a later date will probably be condensed and combined, or possibly expanded, and presented as a continuing expansion of the WordPress section of this site.

One thing I still haven’t decided is the fate of the Apache Server section. It is currently on but there is a place for it here.  I don’t want duplicate content on two sites, so my choices are to leave it where it is and link to it from here, or to move it and put up with the hassle of setting up 303 re-directs on – and that’s something I’ve never done before, so I need to learn more before I can really make that decision.  Ah!  The joys of being a home-made webmaster!

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