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I didn’t really know what to call this section, but I was kinda nudged by the memory of an old, out of date, collection of short stories entitled “The Good old Stuff” (John D. MacDonald?  Issac Asimov?  I don’t remember).  Anyway, this is some of our earliest HTML (before CSS) work, and is now almost hopelessly out of date . . and not really worth the effort to attempt to bring it up to modern (HTML5/ CSS3) standards.  And especially not worth all the work it would take to drag it, kicking and screaming, into WordPress.

What we’ve decided to do is leave these two works as semi-independent sites, living under this site, and only accessible from this page.  They’re both . . interesting, I suppose, each in their own way and possibly someone will find them entertaining or instructive.

First is a documentary of our move to Golden Valley, Arizona – or more accurately, what we went through to convert raw land in the desert into our home.  This was our first HTML project, in the 1999 time frame.  Our first ISP out here offered space for a personal website but no tools to utilize it, so we learned HTML and this was our first personal website.

Here is a link to that site: {Move Link }

Second was our first major attempt at applying our new found knowledge of HTML. It was to be a “You and Your Computer” tutorial. We started it in early 2000 and put in a ton of hours on it until mid-2001 when life got a firm seat on us, a good grip on the reins and started spurring us mercilessly. We were “rode hard and put up wet” over the next few years and couldn’t get back to this until it was too late – time had overtaken us: WinXP was the new kid on the block and the guy on TV was selling a professional product that we (as amateurs) couldn’t compete with.

We call it Project A. Why “Project A”? Well, it started out as “Project A” and never really got finished so it never got a real name. Now it’s a “You and your Windows 98 Operating System as used on a pentium class computer” type tutorial and is pretty dated by today’s standards. Also the HTMLl code is dated – dark ages, almost – since it was written before CSS. Currently it still works in all browsers, but we have no intention of updating the code as modern standards evolve.

Here is a link to that site: {Project A Link }

Both of these links will open in a new tab on your browser.  Just close the tab when you’re through reading, and you’ll be back here.

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