Both of us are into our 70s now, and health is becoming more and more an issue in our lives. Someone once said “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself when I was younger.” We’ve reached that point. And so we’re trying to turn the clock back a little and regain some of the strength and stamina we took for granted just a few years ago. And we’re studying and doing research into how to improve our already deteriorating mental and physical conditions.

In doing the research, you run across all kind of things: some folk remedies, some plausible but strange suggestions, and some things that are just plain weird! Where does “How to Stop Coughing using Vicks VapoRub” fit in, for instance? Or the old folk remedy that an older man should eat about a half cup of pumpkin seeds a day to keep his prostate healthy? (Didn’t seem to work for me) How about a cure for hiccups?

ditzelOld age is a fact, and it’s a fact that we both realize is before us… or maybe upon us. We can’t go back and correct things, all we have is our future; so we’re making some changes now – in our diet and the amount of exercise we get – to hopefully improve our future. We hope to use this section to document some of those changes. And to report on what we discover as we research and experiment.

Keep checking back…