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We’re an average couple, living in the Arizona desert, enjoying our retirement years. Aging is inevitable (and we’re well down that path), but the one thing that scares us the most about the aging process is the thought of losing our mental faculties – say by the onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia or whatever.  Thanks to the Baby-boomer generation, there is currently a wealth of research being done on aging, and one of the methods researchers have come up with to delay the on-set of dementia is continued learning in one’s old age. Especially helpful seems to be learning and using a foreign language in your later years.

The language used to create webpages (HTML & CSS) is ostensibly English, but it certainly is different from the language we use every day. We think it probably qualifies, for this purpose anyway, as a foreign language. So we’ve made designing and coding websites/webpages our shared hobby. It’s a fun and interesting hobby and this site has been a direct result of our application of what we’ve learned (so far) of that language. Up until now, everything on this site was a direct result of our mental effort – it was all hand coded.

About This Site:

We have always felt that our goal in doing this website was mental stimulation, but the purpose of the website was to provide interesting content.  And that is more true than ever now;  WordPress does most of the scut work (background stuff) which will free us up to concentrate on content.  Plus, there are a ton of folks out there who are constantly adding new capabilities to WordPress via plugins, widgets and themes, so the learning is ongoing.

We’ve managed to move most of our content from previous BenneynLinda.com sites  to this website and hope to add more in the future.