WELCOME! This is the home page to our personal website!  We started this back in 2006 as a hand-coded (stick-built?) website, with a goal of providing interesting content.

In this iteration of this website we’ve switched to a WordPress based site.  We wanted to provide a fresh face and feel to our aging site, and learning how to setup and use WordPress seemed like a worthwhile goal in itself.

WordPress is a great platform and provides almost all the support you need for a website.  We’ve managed to convert over most of our content – see especially the “music” section and the “Poems” – but some of our really old stuff just wasn’t worth the effort.  We left the “Old Stuff” as it was and just placed it in the the root directory of this site and linked to it.  We wrote that section before CSS was implemented and we don’t have any intention of updating it.  It still works fine as it is, but . . . how long will that be true?

This home page should remain pretty static, but notice in the right sidebar we have a “blog” section.  That’s where we’ll place our day to day updates and such.

If you have any suggestions or comments about anything you see on this site, please let us know by using our “Contact” form.  We check our email daily, so it would be rare for us not to respond quickly.  If you object to forms, or whatever, we also can be reached at webmaster at this site.